Yeah! :D So I ended up going to school today, after four days of not going to a full day of school, aha. I went home after first class on Friday because I was sick, and then it was the weekend, and then I stayed home yesterday because I felt kinda gross and my legs were pretty sore anyway, but I feel mostly better now, so thats good! ^^ Ive just got a cold now, and my legs arent nearly as sore today as they were yesterday. owo

I havent been on my laptop at all today though, so I cant tell you guys about what happened while I was at the con yet, ehhh. ;-; Ill hopefully do that tomorrow though, since Ill be back at Mums, and Ill be able to get pictures of the stuff I bought while I was there, too! :D Ill try to make sure I have time to talk about the con tomorrow night, Im still really excited about all of it honestly, I still want to talk about it a lot. xD

Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but its already almost nine thirty PM, and Im still kinda tired from the weekend anyway, so I have to get off for tonight. ;u;

Ill be on again tomorrow, though! uvu Ill try to get more written here then for sure, Im really excited to talk about everything I did over the weekend! :D

Good night guys! :3